What are BARNHAND Cleansing Mitts? 

 BarnHand is a rinse-free, prepackaged cleansing mitt that is efficient, effectively hygienic way to freshen up horses and show animals.

It’s a simple and easy solution for cleaning sheared, shaved and hairless areas on all livestock species.




“Kick the Bucket” with BarnHand!  

  • Eliminates the need for buckets, soap, access to water and extra towels!
  • Needle-punch towels contain just the right amount of PurePurge™cleansing formula to thoroughly cleanse and condition the fur and skin.
  • Reduces cross contamination risk
  • Easy, Safe and Pleasant to use
  • Hair and/or fur is left glistening and conditioned.
  • Disposable and time saving with no rinsing and no need to towel dry.

Efficient, Gentle Cleansing. Perfect Hygiene for: 

  • Perineal Areas
  • Udders/Teats
  • Sheaths
  • Ears
  • Hind Leg Grunge
  • Goopy Eyes


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