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Keneric Healthcare is a medical device company recognized by healthcare executives and clinicians alike for the development of innovative products that improve patient care, increase clinician efficiency and streamline facility expenditures.

Examples of this commitment to innovation include the RTD™ Wound Dressing and the PurePurge™ Bedbath System.

A truly unique, FDA cleared, polyurethane foam dressing,  RTD™  has consistently demonstrated positive clinical outcomes for a variety of wound types. Additionally,  Keneric’s PurePurge™ Bedbath System eliminates the cross-infection risks of traditional bath basins, thereby simplifying the bathing process for effected patients, clinicians and resulting in cost effectiveness for the facility.

Keneric Healthcare  has become a vibrant company, committed to providing innovative products that enhance not only the lives of patients, but the lives of clinicians and care givers as well.


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