TUV NORD Awards CE Mark (Class IIb Device) to Keneric Healthcare’s RTD™ Wound Dressing.Keneric Healthcare’s RTD™ Wound Dressing CE Mark certification as a Class IIb Device, with notified body TUV NORD, is the direct result of RTD’s supporting clinical outcomes, high rate of absorption, ease of use, and versatility. A unique combination of manufacturing and ingredients results in a dressing that helps control bioburden to promote an ideal wound environment for fast healing with no cytotoxicity or sensitivity. RTD™ Wound Dressing’s IIb classification b demonstrates recognized efficacy in the clinical management of partial to full thickness wounds with light to heavy exudate, including pressure ulcers, venous stasis ulcers, and diabetic foot ulcers.


TUV Nord awards ISO 13485 Certification to Keneric Healthcare for the Design/Development, Manufacturing and Distribution of Wound Care Products. Keneric Healthcare’s ISO certification award represents its ability to design, implement, and successfully manage an effective quality management system that meets the requirements of DIN EN ISO 13485: 2012 / EN ISO 13485: 2012 +AC: 2012 – Medical devices – Quality management systems – Requirements for regulatory purposes. The scope of the ISO certification supports the Design/Development, Manufacturing and Distribution of Wound Care Products. “Being awarded our ISO 13485 certification from TUV Nord demonstrates our growing presence in the market and evolution as a global healthcare company.” – Al Henry, CEO Keneric Healthcare


By now, all current users of the Hydrofera Blue product lines manufactured by Hollister LLC, have heard of their decision to leave the Advanced Wound Care Market. Keneric Healthcare’s RTD™ Wound Dressing represents the only successful combination of Methylene Blue, Gentian Violet & Silver in the marketplace. As a result, RTD™ Wound Dressing has been considered by clinicians worldwide to be the only advanced alternative yielding positive outcomes for a variety of wound types.

For more information about RTD Wound Dressings and for product evaluation samples, email Sales@KenericHC.com


Need immediate replacement products for recalled Sage wipes product#7800/shampoo cap #7929? Email Sales@KenericHC.com for ways to order Purepurge Bed Bath System!



Distributor spotlight:
Eco Sound Medical Services stands for Ecologically Sound Medical Supply, and is a wholesale distributor of quality healthcare products and medical supplies. Their products include incontinence products, durable medical equipment and wound care & nursing supplies as well as personal bathing products like Purepurge bathing wipes from Keneric Healthcare. Eco provides these products and services to all markets of healthcare, specializing in long term care, assisted living, residential communities and is meeting the needs to individuals at home.


For all those affected by the Sage Comfort Bath Product Recall http://www.fda.gov/Safety/Recalls/ucm517547.htm
Keneric Healthcare offers PurePurge Bed Bath Wipes that can meet your needs. Please email us at Sales@KenericHC.com or visit www.KenericDirect.com


Keneric Healthcare introduces PurePurgeTM Bathing System. PurePurge™ Bed Bath Products are for patients who are unable to bathe in a tub or shower. It is an easy to use system that is efficient, effectively hygienic and can be used anywhere at anytime.



Keneric Healthcare’s wound care product RTD Wound Dressing will be included in WOW Conference 2016’s journal, that will take place Aug 31st-Sep 3rd. We want clinicians experience the clinical advantages of RTD for themselves.




Keneric Healthcare understands how challenging it can be for clinicians to solve the right product, right patient, and right time treatment riddle. Our goal at Keneric Healthcare is to help you solve it, and our method is by removing the financial barrier that clinicians and their patients can face in accessing and experiencing the clinical benefits of RTD Wound Dressing.

As a result of consistent feedback from our existing customers, we believe RTD Wound Dressing is clinically superior and more cost efficient when compared to similar products on the market today. Therefore, Keneric Healthcare openly invites clinicians and facilities that are currently using competitive products to take the RTD Challenge and experience the clinical advantages of RTD for themselves.

To support you in completing this direct product comparison, Keneric Healthcare will provide participating customers with RTD Wound Dressing product samples at no cost.

Participating customers will be required to share all wound related data resulting from their agreed upon trial of RTD Wound Dressing.

To participate in the RTD Challenge, please contact us directly at Sales@KenericHC.com


Keneric Healthcare attends the The Symposium on Advanced Wound Care (SAWC) in the Georgia World Congress Center Atlanta, Georgia on April 13 – 17. Come and visit us at booth #1028 and see RTD Wound Dressing in action! For more info see: http://www.sawc.net/spring/home



Keneric Healthcare is attending the 2016 Diabetic Limb Salvage Conference(DLS). DLS has been a mainstay in Washington, returning every October for the last 8 years. And year after year, surgeons and allied health professionals have come to rely on DLS as a premier source for trending ideas, technology, and treatment techniques in diabetic limb salvage. Join us and see RTD Wound Dressing in action!



Keneric Healthcare helps horses with burn wounds with RTD Wound Care Dressing

Keneric Healthcare is pleased to assist with the relief efforts in the recently devastating fires that accrued in the South of Western Australia.  “After being contacted by our parent company Keneric Group located in Perth, AU we have decided to take the opportunity to partner with Murdoch University Equine Centre and provide much needed help by supplying them with RTD Wound Care Dressings to help these animals heal their life threatening injuries,” said Mariusz Knap, Vice President of Global Marketing.  “In addition, we will monitor the progress and ensure that we are doing everything we can to get these animals back into their natural habitat.”

To read more about the devastating fires and the injured animals: CLICK HERE TO READ THE ENTIRE ARTICLE