In addition to its human care products, Keneric Healthcare is proud to offer adapted versions of these products that enhance veterinary clinician portfolios.

What is RTD™ Veterinary Wound Care?

RTDis a proprietary highly absorbent antimicrobial foam with Methylene Blue (0.25 mg/g), Gentian Violet (0.25 mg/g) and Silver Ion (7 mg/g) integrated into the polymer matrix, and has been shown to be tolerated well by most animal patients.

Indications for Use: 

RTDWound Dressing is indicated for the treatment of partial to full thickness wounds with moderate to heavy exudate, including:

  • Open Sores
  • Hotspots
  • Wounds
  • Lacerations
  • Abrasions

Active ingredients: Silver, Methylene Blue and Gentian Violet 

  • Draws protein rich exudate away from wound; creates a favorable wound healing environment
  • Effective antimicrobial and antifungal properties; reduces bacterial load
  • Early and sustained antimicrobial protection; helps prevent biofilm
  • Analgesic; significant pain reduction reported
  • Non-cytotoxic; use throughout the continuum of care

What are BARN HAND Hygienic Cleansing Mitts? 

Barn Hand is a rinse-free, prepackaged cleansing mitt that is an efficient and effective hygienic way to clean: eyes, ears, nose, sheaths, udders, hind leg grunge, genital area, and breeding.

Barn Hand is a simple and easy solution for cleaning any hairless, sheared, shaved areas of large and small animals.

For more info go to Barn Hand info