More than 6 million Americans suffer from non-healing wounds, which can cause serious infections, illness and loss of a limb. To ensure your health and safety, you should learn to recognize the causes and symptoms of non-healing wounds.

  • RTD™ Wound Care Dressing family of products is a proprietary highly absorbent antimicrobial and analgesic foam. It is the only product available on the market with three active ingredients integrated into the foam matrix:
    • Methylene Blue (0.25 mg/g)
    • Gentian Violet (0.25 mg/g)
    • Silver Ion (7 mg/g)
    • Capillary-Suction Therapy Foam
  • The result is a synergistic interaction of all four ingredients creating singlet oxygenation. This dressing that is versatile, ready to use and requires no hydration prior to placing onto a wound.
  • Singlet Oxygen
    • A high energy form of oxygen which is highly reactive with bacteria
    • Co-combine into O2 which locally encourages healing
    • Natural antimicrobial defense
    • No known antimicrobial resistance to singlet oxygen
    • Derived from methylene blue
    • Green technology

Indicated for a variety of wound types and effective with non-healing wounds.


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